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Ruth Mae

Southbank Studio
Isle of Arran KA27 8SH
Tel 01770 820373

I turn delicate and sculptural bowls and vessels using Scottish grown timbers that have been sourced locally on Arran or mainland Scotland.  I work mainly with holly and cherry, although I use other timbers such as Ash and Sycamore for more functional bowls.  
The line and form of the bowl or vessel are my main focus when designing and making my work and I always aim for clarity, simplicity and strength in these aspects.
I have found it interesting to explore the properties of timbers such as holly and cherry.  For example, holly, when turned green / unseasoned can have a delicate ‘porcelain’ or ‘shell-like’ appearance and texture on drying.  Cherry is suitable for more robust vessels and bowls; this timber also contains a lot of naturally occurring tannin which will react with an applied iron salt solution to ‘ebonise’ or blacken, as well as giving definition to, the piece. When the same process is applied to holly, a blue / grey or ‘slate’ shade will result.   I will often add texture by making tiny grooves on the outside of the vessels. This adds to the tactile nature of the work as well as affecting the reflection of light from the piece.
The pieces that I make are on a relatively small scale and because of the nature of the timber, each one tends to be a one off. I like my work to be accessible and to be able to be held in the hand.  The strength of the blue / black slate colours and hues of rocks and sea and also the fragile porcelain–like properties of the shells that are so prevalent in my environment on Arran are often reflected in the pieces I make.
I have often been invited to take part in group exhibitions UK wide as well as selling internationally.  On Arran, I also take part in the annual Arran Open Studios event which takes place in August as well as displaying my work at my studio / workshop at Southbank Studio.

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