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Heather MacLeod



6 Heatherhill
Whiting Bay
Isle of Arran KA27 8QH
Tel 01770 700599 (9.00am - 5.00pm)

My art has a light and a dark side to it.

I love to paint landscape on silk. The vibrancy of the colours in the dyes are like nothing else I can create with other mediums. Inspired by the views of Arran, mountains, forest, seascape and machair, the inspiration is endless.

My darker Steampunk Creations, which mostly involve musical instruments and clock pieces or engine parts, is a very 3D style with interesting shapes and textures. It's exciting to interlace wood, copper, brass and slate into a collage of colours and density.

To pull it all together, I am also a Picture Framer and offer bespoke service using quality wood mouldings and conservation mounts.


Please visit my website where you will find my online shop with examples of my work.

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We are a collective of individual artists based on the Isle of Arran, a small part of Arran’s creative community. Some artists have links from their page to their online shops, others can be contacted directly by phone or email.


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