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My paintings are based on Scottish landscapes and the feelings they evoke. For me flowing rhythmic lines and beautiful shapes make up landscapes. 

My style is fairly abstracted, each mark, shape and curve is carefully considered. I think my work was originally influenced by cubism but I now have a very distinctive style of my own.

My paintings have an almost hypnotic effect while I'm painting. Hours pass very easily in 'Edith', my shepherd's hut studio, which has a jaw dropping view over Brodick Bay.   

I show my work at Art galleries around the west coast of Scotland, at various island exhibitions, at my guesthouse The Glenartney and online at my website. I have completed many commissions from all over the UK  (examples of these can bee seen on my website)

My limited edition Giclee prints are born and bred on Arran - the fine art printer lives and works here too. I also have placemats, coasters and cards of my work. 

I moved to Arran in 2003 after a long and successful career heading up an international design and development team. The move meant a much better life balance which it is now filled with painting. During spring and summer my partner and I run the Glenartney Guest House which gives me plenty of time in the winter to be immersed in my painting.  

The Glenartney guest house was the reason I started painting, there were plenty of walls that needed filling so I signed up for a course.  Many courses and lots of hard work has brought me to where I am today....I still don't have many originals on the walls though..

 Please visit my website where you will find my online shop and gallery of my work.

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