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Andrew Surridge

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Andrew Surridge has always been passionate about photography ever since inheriting a camera as a boy.
Since 1989 Arran has been his home, a place renowned for it's beauty and which he has found a constant source of inspiration in his photography. Its scenery is a wonderful and constantly changing subject to photograph as well as being the perfect backdrop to photograph one of Arran's many weddings.

Eschewing the somewhat limiting classifications of 'landscape' or 'wedding' photographer he prefers to just describe himself as 'a photographer', Whether it is capturing the emotions and fleeting moments in the blur of a wedding day, enduring the searing heat and aroma of an Indonesian fishmarket or trudging through a peatbog in order to get the perfect viewpoint, his aim is always to convincingly tell the story through the medium of the digital image.

Andrew also enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge through One to One tuition sessions and photo-holidays on Arran.


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We are a collective of individual artists based on the Isle of Arran, a small part of Arran’s creative community. Some artists have links from their page to their online shops, others can be contacted directly by phone or email.


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